When a contest allows nice meeting : Maréna Beauté

In my Instagram’s adventure , I share pictures of things I love , things that are important to me. I show pictures of my work and my collaborations with models or photographs. Being in business creation , I have to promote my art , my skills , in order to best communicate about my abilities to hold makeup delivery.

But in my Instagram’s adventure , I also make wonderful , surprising encounters . During my « follow » session , I leave comments , and I have returns ! I speak in « private zone  » and play the « Giveaway’s Games » ! 🙂 That’s how I met make up artists and hairdressers who followed a swedish cosmetics brand : Maréna Beauté !

Web site :  https://marenabeaute.com

Instagram :    https://www.instagram.com/marenabeaute

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MarenaBeaute/?fref=ts

What a beautifull brand , « For Women Of Color »…what else ? As a black woman with makeup school experience of fondation’s adjustement using pigment , just by looking of the pictures  and products’colors, I can say if this range has as much as pigment that a makeup foundation/powder should have for black people ! And I was pleasantly surprised to see that pigments was PERFECT! I just had to test them !


The team had proposed a contest to win an essential makeup kit ( foundation /powder/blush/eyelashes ) ! I’ve reposted the picture , some followers have commented it ! We laughed a lot beacause I included @MarénaBeauté inside my comments !And then …there was the announcement …


I was the winner !!! OMG !!! I won a contest on Instagram !!! How many chance I had that it’s happen to me…We have some discussions in « private zone  » , congrats exchanges , I gave my address , and in few days … my parcel was at home!!!!

My Package ❤

And My products !!! ❤


The foundation has a texture easy to apply ! The powder’s touch is sweet with an impeccable touch ! The eyelashes are fabulous ! And the blush’s color is so fantastic and is equally suitable for all type of black skin !


What kind of make up I can do with those beautifull babies !!! 😛


This one 😀 ! Maréna Beauté thank you for the experience ! For your kindness ! I’m just waiting for the workshop’s date !!!! Your products will get into my routine !!! I valid You !!! 🙂

So dear followers , don’t hesitated , you will not be disappointed ! 🙂


PS : I promised I’ll try to write an article in english…DONE ! 😉




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